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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Modern Hesychasm

Life for God/Modern Hesychasm

Modern Hesychasm

The essence of this religious branch can be defined as the development of oneself as a spiritual heart, which leads, in particular, to the attainment of inner silence (in Greek — hesychia). Thus, a spiritual seeker obtains one of the necessary conditions for the direct cognition of God and subsequent Mergence with Him — in the aspect of the Creator (God-the-Father, Primordial Consciousness).

Let us also remember that the Latin word religion denotes, in its original meaning, the mergence of a developed individual human consciousness — with the Primordial Consciousness. We can also speak of religion — as a Path to the attainment of such Mergence.

However, the ritual religious forms that now predominate our planet certainly cannot lead to the cognition of God, let alone to the Mergence with Him. Participation in rituals may serve only as a starting point for neophytes who — with the help of these rituals — get their first mystical experience. This may give them evidence of existing “otherworldly” spaces — and such people start to study them and make their own real efforts towards spiritual Perfection.

It is also important to understand that different sectarian beliefs typically appear in environments that are keen on rituals. Such beliefs includes the belief that only we are right in matters of faith, that only our God is true and many other similar believes. Despite these views, we must remember that God is only One not only for all the people of our planet, but for the entire universe as well. And the methodologies of spiritual development of people are also based on common principles, although the specific methods in the developmental stages of the spiritual Path may be somewhat different in different schools and spiritual traditions.

And it is only among those who relied solely on the “saving power” of rituals that allegations about the unknowability of God arise…

Yes, for those people, God really is unknowable, because they still have not begun the true Path of religion, even though they are trying to lecture others from their own level of development and understanding…

Let me, by the way, note that neither Jesus nor any other Divine Teacher taught people rituality. Rituality was invented by people themselves! It is not “from God”! And it can turn into a “trap” for those people who really could have started to make their own serious efforts on the Path to God.

What should such efforts be based on?

First, on the study of ethical principles offered to us by God Himself and on the transformation of oneself (as a soul) in accordance with them.

Everyone must also have a clear understanding of the meaning of such words as God and a human being, as well as an understanding of such issues as the meaning of our lives both on the Earth and outside it. Additionally, one should understand and know about goals, principles, and specific methods of spiritual development. All this is thoroughly explained and observed from different perspectives in our books, among other materials.

* * *

In contrast to a sectarian outlook, let me emphasize that the ideas of developed modern Hesychasm are identical to the ideas of all true spiritual schools: all of them have been created by one God — through His Messengers (Messiahs, Avatars) and prophets.

These schools were manifested in different parts of the planet: in Atlantis (Thoth-the-Atlantean — Hermes Trismegistus), Greece (Pythagoras), China (Huang Di, Lao Tse, and Others), India (Krishna, Babaji from Haidakhan, Sathya Sai Baba and Others), Judea (Jesus Christ).* Spiritual Schools of the same level were set up also in other countries, including Russia, where they in ancient times were led by Assyris and Kurgan-Bashi (the first — in its taiga part, the second — in the steppe one) [17-19,31,35].

Yes, the methodological bases of all the main existing spiritual branches — are identical, whether it concerns Hesychasm, Taoism, Sufism, Raja Yoga and Buddhi Yoga*, etc. — unless they have been distorted and perverted by ignorant people; this, unfortunately, happens very often [11].

In Eastern European countries — after the establishment of Orthodoxy in them — some spiritual seekers tried to escape from the oppression of religious rituality.* Specifically, they looked for ways of obtaining the love that Jesus Christ urged people to have. While looking for these ways, they devised a method of inviting Jesus into their own spiritual hearts. It was called the “Jesus prayer”. Different versions of this prayer-meditation sometimes gave a positive effect of “opening” the spiritual heart. Such an adept then felt the emotions of real heart love for the first time, the love that God continually recommends us to master.*

By those successful adepts, the call was proclaimed for the acquisition of hesychia — inner quietness that can be obtained only in the depths of spiritual hearts.

Among those ancient Hesychasts, Symeon the New Theologian should be singled out, first of all. He was the One Who really achieved the Perfection in the cognition of the Creator and merging with Him [17-18]. However, there were also other Hesychasts who have attained great success on the spiritual Path.

Nevertheless, almost all of the first Christian-Hesychasts finished their lives on the Earth under terrible tortures in the monastery prisons, being considered as “heretics”. This is how they — the true followers of Jesus Christ — were treated by those who insisted that only their rituals have “saving power”. These executioners, defending their ritualism, became enemies of both people and God… [17,24-26,37,41].

* * *

The author of this article, a scientist-biologist, and his colleagues have continued — under the direct guidance of God — to strengthen and further develop the ideas of Hesychasm.

One of our most important scientific developments is the system of psychic self-regulation based on work with the chakras and main meridians of the human body [18]. The technique consists in the fact that simply moving the concentration of the consciousness into either of these bioenergetic organs leads to well-defined changes of emotional and volitional proportions of the practitioner. As a result of this, one teaches oneself to easily regulate both mental and physical abilities — and emotions. In particular, such a practitioner gets rid of the negative emotional dominants easily by entering into restful, bright, and clear states of the consciousness.

When the author just began to study religion, he adhered to the following principle: it is necessary to collect and integrate all the best spiritual experience and knowledge throughout history, and following this principle has worked well. On this basis, a new branch of modern science — the methodology of spiritual development — was created. One of its topics is practical ecopsychology, where the development of man (as a consciousness, a soul) is realized, in particular, through meditative trainings on special natural areas, named as positive places of power. That is, for each following step of consciousness development, the appropriate — according to their energy — areas in the forest, steppe, desert, water reservoirs, where the development is much faster than in other conditions, may be found. Such places are usually the working sites that are created by the Holy Spirits — to help incarnate people. [12-13,17-19,39]

The personal apprenticeship under the guidance of Jesus Christ and of other Divine Teachers — the Holy Spirits — allowed us to study and describe (using simple and understandable language) the following:

— the essence of God,

— the Path to direct personal cognition of Him in all His Aspects,

— His purpose for the Creation,

— the nature of the universal Evolution,

— the meaning of human life and the methods of spiritual work, from the initial methods up to the highest ones.

Among other things, the essence of such common Christian terms as God-the-Father, the Holy Spirit, and the Trinity has been exhaustively explained.

* * *

Sometimes we would hear the following question: “Who will work in society if everyone becomes Hesychasts and starts seeking solitude in a silent hermitage?”

However, we first need to understand that Hesychasts do not look for the external silence, but for the internal. So even in the midst of external bustle, Hesychasts maintain their inner peace (although it is also true that it is more convenient to start learning Hesychasm in a quiet retirement together with like-minded friends).

Secondly, we should realize that a significant percent of the members of any society will never choose to become Hesychasts. Why? Because of the following reasons:

a) young souls are not inclined to make long lasting internal spiritual efforts; for them, just like in the case with children, it is more appropriate to explore the surrounding world through external activities, thus gaining necessary life experience;

b) deeply perverse souls will not agree to follow the ethical norms, which are obligatory not only for all people but also, and especially, for the seekers of spiritual Perfection; we can see this fact even in the example of the ethics of nutrition [11-14,17-18,21,39];

c) many people will also be afraid to become “different from everyone else”, being intimidated by aggressive atheists and sectarians; in fact, one first needs to become strong in order to survive in such conditions, in which one defends one’s right to live in accordance with the Will of God, and not with the concepts of a crowd…

… On the contrary, an adult, an intelligent and strong person, who realizes the meaning of his or her life and the responsibility for his or her own actions before God, will fight for the right to accomplish the Will of the Creator. It is so because this person also loves Him, and only such a person can win!

* * *

One should not think that the referred task of “opening up” the spiritual heart is enough to consider the task of life — in front of God — as already implemented.

No, the ability to live in the spiritual heart, observe the world around us from it, to think, to speak, and to act from it, without losing this ability when tired or sick, or in the case of conflicts and other extreme situations, is just the beginning, a possible start of a long and difficult, but happy, Path in which a soul gradually approaches the Creator.

This Path implies, first of all, an ethical self-transformation, which is followed by a gradual refinement of oneself as a consciousness and then by a quantitative growth of oneself as a refined consciousness.

It is indispensable because God, in the Aspects of the Creator and of the Holy Spirit, is the most refined of all the forms of consciousness that exist in the universe. That is why attuning with the most beautiful and refined states of the environment and cultivating tender emotions of care for others are the fundamental methods of development for all the followers of the spiritual Path.

As for the strength (or power), which is necessary for overcoming difficulties on the Path, this power depends, among other things, on the size of oneself as a consciousness, and we can actually grow ourselves — as spiritual hearts — up to the sizes that were difficult to even imagine in the beginning of the Path.

The stepwise consequence of the techniques for realization of the above — is worked out and presented to people — by us.

As the spiritual seekers (as individual consciousnesses) grow along all the above mentioned directions of development*, they begin to perceive — with the vision of the soul — concrete Divine Teachers, Holy Spirits. There appears the opportunity not only to see and hear Them, but also to embrace Them and to merge — as consciousnesses — with Them. And this really is the direct cognition of the standards of Divinity! In particular, this is the opportunity to learn to save and strengthen these states in ourselves!

Furthermore, a successful spiritual warrior, being led now directly by Divine Teachers, comes to the Abode of the Creator and learns to enter it and live in it — and then to come out from it for the purpose of helping other evolving beings.

The above cannot be mastered quickly: the growth of an individual consciousness is a very slow process and, additionally, God tests many times each of those who seek to approach His Abode — on the conformity to His ethical parameters. In order to overcome the distance from the “opening” of the spiritual heart — up to the Mergence by the adequately developed spiritual heart with the Creator in His Abode, requires, at best, years of unceasing spiritual efforts.

However, now, when the road is paved and all the steps and milestones on it are marked, and even “warning signs” are installed on especially difficult areas, — moving by it becomes much easier.

And let us always remember that a precondition for success on the spiritual Path is the constant improving of our own ethical purity.

This is the modern developed Hesychasm.

Let us also understand that Jesus Christ wishes to see exactly this in the lives of His followers! This is what He teaches us!*

I wish good luck to all those who are traversing this Path!

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